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The Cinestaan Productions Company is a movie production company based in Belgium. Its main focus is to create films of different genres, such as comedy, action, horror and sci-fi. It has recently signed a co-production agreement with ROMP Pictures.

Company overview

The Cinestaan Company has a lot of things going for it. From its posh flagship store in Gurgaon to its ten restaurants in the Indian metropolis, the company has an array of offerings. Its flagship store carries a range of items from wine to watches to the latest and greatest smartphones. There’s no denying that the company is a cut above the rest in the culinary business net worth, and if you’re looking for a culinary tour de force you’ll have a hard time beating them out.

Not to be outdone, the company has also thrown its hat into the film production ring, with a slew of big budget movies set to release over the coming months. In addition to the cinematic escapades, the company is well-positioned to provide a variety of content services to its clients. The company is able to draw on a variety of production, distribution, and syndication capabilities to produce a plethora of films suited to a wide range of tastes.

Film co-production agreement with ROMP Pictures

Cinestaan Film Company and ROMP Pictures have signed a film co-production agreement. This agreement outlines the rights and responsibilities of both parties in producing an audiovisual production. It also describes what happens when the project is finished.

Cinestaan Film Company is a new entertainment company, which has a major investor, Anand Mahindra. The first film that Cinestaan will produce will be Mirziya, directed by Rakeysh Mehra. ROMP Pictures is the production company of the film, and will be involved in a three film co-production agreement with Cinestaan.

In a co-production, participants in the production retain their national status during the production process. However, if one party chooses to depart from the principle of equal contributions, the other must approve the decision. Moreover, films produced in multilateral co-productions must meet certain conditions set by the laws of the Contracting Parties. Among others, the original soundtrack must be in English and dubbing into other European languages must take place in another member state of the European Economic Area.


Cinestaan a digital media platform which provides editorial, video, news and photos. It also provides a mobile app. The site is monetized through display advertisements. Earlier this year, Cinestaan introduced an international division. This division focuses on non-diaspora territories. Earlier this year, Cinestaan also announced a joint venture with Anil Thadani, India’s leading film distributor.

Cinestaan has been in the business for about six years. Besides its production and distribution arm, the company is also a sales agency for films that it does not produce. In the past, the company has sold films at the Toronto International Film Festival.

Rakeysh Mehra, the BAFTA-nominated filmmaker who is also a three-time National Award winner, directed Mirzya, a movie about a teenage girl’s journey to find her father. The movie, which stars Harshvardhan Kapoor and Saiyami Kher, has been released by the company.

Other Cinestaan notables include the Cinestaan International, a division dedicated to championing independent films from Indian cinema. Currently, the company sells four films at the Toronto International Film Festival. While a small number of Indian films usually get distribution overseas, the company hopes to address that gap.

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