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What Are Applications?

Applications are computer programs that perform specific functions for the end user. They can be used to send emails, run a spreadsheet, or create documents.

Applications are typically written in HTML or CSS and can be accessed through a web browser. Some applications are installed on a device and can be used offline. Other applications can be downloaded and used through an app store.

Application software can be open source or proprietary. It can be designed for personal use or for business. Many modern applications are created using Agile methods that allow rapid iteration.

Software can also be available as a service. A service can be accessed through a desktop, mobile device, or the cloud. Most SaaS applications are subscription-based.

The word application comes from the Latin phrase “applica”, meaning “to occupy”. An application is a virtual component that interacts directly with the end user. Unlike system software, which manages the computer’s hardware, applications are designed to run on a desktop or mobile device.

Application software can be written in a variety of programming languages. There are applications written in JavaScript, Java, HTML, CSS, and other languages.

Mobile applications are designed specifically to work on a small screen. Some are designed for tablet devices, and others are designed for smaller displays. These applications can be paid, free, or shareware.

Some of the more popular apps include Facebook, Angry Birds, WhatsApp, and Twitter. Others are communication apps, video calling apps, and social media apps.